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Why 2024 is the Key Moment

After today, let's take stock of the situation. USA is in the midst of a power struggle between multi-racial democracy advocates (Yankees), and white supremacists (Slavers).
Slavers don't play democracy. They stole the 2000 presidential election through the Supreme Court, and George W Bush appointed John Roberts as Chief Justice, who transformed the Supreme Court into the John Roberts' Shit Court. Then Slaver legislators stole a seat from Obama, gifted one to Trump, then they let Trump take a seat while voting was already underway in an election that would give Dems a trifecta.
Using help from Vladimir Putin to overthrow the 2016 Presidential elections, Trump seized power and appointed the aforementioned three. The remaining two Slaver judges are openly bribed and owned by billionaires. That means Slavers, who don't play democracy, have infected two-thirds of the Supreme Court. That majority will be in place for a long time, but more importantly, it's in place NOW.
We don't have time to wait forty years for a new set of justices in the traditional manner, which was short-circuited by the Slavers anyways who don't follow the rules. For an important reason, 2024 is going to be THE DECISIVE YEAR. That's the year of TAX CODE. If Democrats can get a trifecta, they can re-write the tax code to finally tax the billionaires and help out regular Americans who don't have millions of dollars. It can't be a milquetoast re-write, either. It has to be at least as radically-just as the Slaver tax code was radically-corrupt, because it will have to fund Medicare for All as well as a transition to a Carbon Negative economy. 
Not only must Dems win a trifecta, but they also must KILL THE FILIBUSTER if anything of value is to pass. If we can't get a big enough Senate majority to kill the filibuster on Day 1, it's just a long slow painful death as everything gets shut down. I'm not saying ALL Democrats are good (cough cough TED WHEELER), I'm speaking in the broader sense of rowing the boat in the same direction.

Moreover, we can use the trifecta to reform the Supreme Court by EXPANDING IT and ADDING TERM LIMITS, so that every President will appoint a portion of the court. I haven't gotten around to Elie Mystal's book, though it's on my table. There's better ideas about Supreme Court reform in his book, and I'll share them when I can.
If we don't get a trifecta, then nothing will pass. If we don't strike down the filibuster on day 1, then nothing will pass. If we don't fix the tax code to destroy billionaires, it'll be like letting the Confederates back into government. If we don't reform the corruption of the Court, it won't matter what laws get passed because the corrupt court will just strike them down. 

We need a whole big series of things to go right: A blue wave 2024 Dem trifecta with a large enough Senate majority to end the Senate Filibuster on Day 1, a just and equitable tax code, and Supreme Court reform.


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