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Pelosi's in on it

Remember when on my show I said "Pelosi is in on it.  I don't know how, but she's gotta be in on it."?  My springboard is  @Pamacious . This Sky Dweller has sussed out the part I couldn't be bothered to figure out myself.  This magnificent Sky Dweller brought my attention to a particular oligarch by the name of Leonard Blavatnik . This guy is a billionaire worth like $20 billion in 2015.  The wiki mentions how much money he donates to Donald Trump's campaign and to Mitch McConnell, but it doesn't say anything about his contributions to the Democrats.  Sky Dweller has a theory with receipts  that Pelosi is accepting large donations from this guy in exchange for...well I can't figure it out.  Maybe the oligarchs are capturing both major parties to best establish their global crime syndicate masquerading as a government.  Check out Sky Dweller , she does good work :)
RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e05 - Billionaire's Trip Words come tumbling down, trickle through the ears and leave the impression of understanding...but is it really?  See the invisible, know the unknowable as PoGokeRo converts wealth into bricks.  OR Dem indifference to OR GOP lawbreaking, money-blood analogy, and a horrible night to have a curse. music by DJ CHEESE, special guest DJ HIGH SNOW web: Twitter: @pogokero Facebook: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e04 - Lay Rail

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e04 - Lay Rail High beam headlights highlight false witness shenanigans, dispel fascist myth with truth and video proof.  Crazed nazi attacks met with puppets, banished by laughter.  Topics include Israel Strangelove, disinformation warfare, state intimidation, out of town nazis, and lot of rail. music by DJ CHEESE - web: Twitter: @pogokero Facebook: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e03 - Unity Station

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e03 - Unity Station Read the signs to know the land.  Cave raving, PoGokeRo dispels illusions, focuses on the scourge of white supremacy.  Distraction cantrips are no match for clairvoyance.  Ride the rail from Unity Station to Sea Turtle Sanctuary.  Topics include Russian protests, UK disintegration, video game distractions, and state white supremacy terrorism. music by: DJ CHEESE web: Twitter: @pogokero Facebook: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:
RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI S03E02 - Deja Groundhog Vu Day Note the landmarks as we loop back around, see how nothing has changed but ourselves.  PoGokeRo mends tools with meditations on necessary steps, consciousness, sand pits, and gun-related deaths.  With clearer vision, see the skeleton of Unity Grand Station, flee from desert zombie hordes, and be confounded by redstone bug fixes.  Discussion revolves around white supremacy terrorism, Republican complicity, firearm violence statistics, and government EVA. Twitter: @pogokero web: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:
Another mass shooting in the United States, this time in El Paso.  White supremacy terrorists murder randomly from the shadows.  Haven't we already solved this problem?  We have really intelligent people in this country, with a lot of resources and data to help them see the big picture .  Haven't they put all this together to come to a solution?  Why, yes, of course they have! Social scientists have been studying this problem for a long time.  It's not a new problem.  There is lots of data.  This is one of the plethora of problems that exists not because we don't know what to do, but because we lack action to make that knowledge into reality.  For example, In this article by by Stan Paul in 2017 , UCLA Luskin’s Mark Kaplan explains how firearm violence is correlated with poverty, wealth inequality, and the sheer number of firearms.  He also highlights the way the problem looks different to black Americans and white Americans. The U.S. stands out among industriali