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Analysis of Quinnipiac Poll 7/30/19

A Quinnipiac poll released July 30th, 2019 , found that 51% of Americans believe yes, Trump is a racist, and 45% believe no, Trump is not a racist.  When you break it down by race, 80% of Black Americans, but only 46% of White Americans, think Trump is racist.  Men are by far the least likely to believe Trump is a racist at only 38%.  That means a sizable majority of white males are going to be my ideological enemy. I've made it clear that Donald Trump is a traitor, a fraud, a liar, a crook, and a criminal.  I've made it clear I believe Mitch McConnell to be the Neo-Confederate leader who has allied with Russia to infiltrate the US government and replace it with the Neo-Confederacy.  I've made it clear I believe the GOP to be a reincarnation of the Confederacy, and they have no qualms about working with Russia to overthrow the US Constitution and install themselves as masters. Robert Mueller's report leave no doubt the Trump administration is corrupt to its core
RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s03e01 - Noise All people want to do is to make money, when PogokeRo wrecks the scene.  See the new gold farm, marvel at the new nether station, and bask in the goodness of new scenery as the foundations have been laid for an even-grander story to be told.  Discussion revolves around harmony vs dissonance, the mundane manifestations of fascism, the compatibility of fascism and capitalism, the weak as prey, and traps.  Twitter: @pogokero web: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

PoGokeRo's PIRATE BROADCAST - Digestion

PoGokeRo's PIRATE BROADCAST - Digestion Special guest Roguish Bard, as PoGokeRo continues to mine obsidian in the most mind-numbing digital labor imaginable.  Be there as the two discuss Mueller's testimony, review the report, talk about split electoral votes, and the issue of rural voter representation. Twitter: @pogokero web: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

PoGokeRo Pirate Broadcast 7/23/19 - Homework

PoGokeRo Pirate Broadcast 7/23/19 - Homework Visions materialize with spirit and resources.  Watch the resource-gathering part as PoGokeRo does the homework and reads the key findings of the Mueller report.  Dig in as stack upon stack of obsidian is slowly mined from lava pits. Listen to the stream of crimes uncovered in the Mueller report and recoil in horror at that which we have yet to learn.  ACS website where I got the Mueller Report breakdown Twitter: @pogokero web: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:
RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e36 - Sanctuary A nation coming to grips with its history. Dirty laundry stinking up the place.  Sink full of dirty dishes.  Garage is full of golden treasure only visible to the dragon who guards it.  Like a dentist yanking out a bad tooth, PoGokeRo tells the two tales to expose the "love it or leave it" racism.  Observe sea turtle breeding grounds, the broken gold farm, mysterious bubbles from the deep.  Claustrophobia, panic, and then iron farming.  Twitter: @pogokero web: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

Farmers Markets Target for Nazi Recruitment

Be aware of the many ways in which nazis try to recruit and spread their memes. I've been going to the Salem Saturday Market since last year, because I saw a sign. This sign said that Russia, the nation that attacked the United States, is not an enemy. The sign said the true enemy was the United States government and main-stream media. Big signs, all over the place. Nobody said or did anything. It was my duty to do something. This phenomenon of white supremacists and crypto-nazis using farmers markets to recruit and spread is not new. It is happening all over the country. Had I not tenaciously counter-protested the nazis, who knows what malfeasance they could have metastasized. From the article by Kelly Weill: “They’re extremely nice,” Brewer said of Dye and Mackey, according to the FBI.  White supremacists don’t always dress in Klan robes or jackboots. Some, like the set that orbits Identity Evropa (now renamed the American Identity Movement, likely to distance itself

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e35 - Imprint

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e35 - Imprint Unchecked capitalism can make noble birds think they're pigeons.  Hear the analogy as technical glitches chop off the beginning.  Miss out on the new Villager-powered crop farm and shortcut rail as PoGokeRo gets right into the topics.  Salem Saturday Market subterfuge, Russian shenanigans, rescued raptors, minimum wage, and the market orientation of the citizen. Twitter: @pogokero Facebook: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e34 - Zombie Ideas

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e34 - Zombie Ideas Serendipity at the old iron mine, find an old friend and drag him back to town.  See the amazing new iron farm, trading hall, bridge works, and breeding pod.  Kill the "Obama did it first" meme and bathe in its blood.  Pet kitties as they scare away the creepers. Rummage around topics like Epstein and Trump, Putin and Trump, Republicans and Trump, and nazis.  Iron farm design by Rays Works Sugar Cane farm by Avomance: Villager trading hall by Avomance: Breeding Pods by mishka Twitter: @pogokero Facebook: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:
PoGokeRo PIRATE BROADCAST 07/04/19 - The Burn Happy Independence Day, United States!  See the debut of the Tetsuo-like swamp compound as seemingly-disparate  entities organically-merge into an ascension machine.  Behold the deep horrors slithering beyond the torchlight, held at bay only by infrastructure and a big stick.  Analogize the American concentration camps with villager breeding.  Witness progress island-hop across the swamp to unite the land bubbles together into an emergent superstructure.  Mostly Minecraft, because PoGokeRo needs to go to bed earlier. Twitter: @ pogokero Shaders:  BSL+v7.1.03 high profile Resource Pack:  VanillaXBR-64 Optifine 1.4.3 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! donate:

PoGokeRo PIRATE BROADCAST - False Equivalence

LINK: PoGokeRo PIRATE BROADCAST - False Equivalence Yes, I was banned for three days from Facebook.  My crime is literally telling a nazi, "die in a fire, nazi."  This was deemed too much, like telling a nazi to "go to hell."  But the nazi reported it, and Facebook decided I needed to work on my own blog instead of feeding content to a surveillance monster. Good idea! Working on ideas for another video.  In the meantime, please check out this Pirate Broadcast where I debunk the various right-wing conspiracies emanating from the Judicial Watch fascist propaganda group.

RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e33 - The Abandoned Mine

LINK:   RED STONE / LAPIS LAZULI s02e33 - The Abandoned Mine Left fallow, old abandoned mine yet held potential, iron ore glints with luster in darkness.  Climb hills, expand horizons, PoGokeRo maps terrain, places markers for bearings.  Taste tiniest tragic twinge, softest PoGokeRo is not soft-enough for some with frail privilege.  Discussion includes Donald's surrender to North Korea, Oregon's fascist insurrection, difference between my protest and Brian Boquist's threat to murder state troopers, and how great is Salem's World Beat festival. Shaders:  BSL+v7.1.02.2 high profile Resource Pack:  VanillaXBR-64 Twitter: @pogokero