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Analysis of Quinnipiac Poll 7/30/19

A Quinnipiac poll released July 30th, 2019, found that 51% of Americans believe yes, Trump is a racist, and 45% believe no, Trump is not a racist.  When you break it down by race, 80% of Black Americans, but only 46% of White Americans, think Trump is racist.  Men are by far the least likely to believe Trump is a racist at only 38%.  That means a sizable majority of white males are going to be my ideological enemy.

I've made it clear that Donald Trump is a traitor, a fraud, a liar, a crook, and a criminal.  I've made it clear I believe Mitch McConnell to be the Neo-Confederate leader who has allied with Russia to infiltrate the US government and replace it with the Neo-Confederacy.  I've made it clear I believe the GOP to be a reincarnation of the Confederacy, and they have no qualms about working with Russia to overthrow the US Constitution and install themselves as masters.

Robert Mueller's report leave no doubt the Trump administration is corrupt to its core.  Those who stand with Donald Trump are standing with Putin and all the other despots around the world.  This is the logical perspective to have following Mueller's testimony where he definitively affirmed the Trump campaign colluded and obstructed justice. If you look at this report and think, "Well gee, this guy who broke multiple laws to gain power, I think I ought to stand with him," you and I will not get along.  I've made it clear, if you stand with Donald Trump, you're disloyal to America.

Look at how that cleaves down.  You pretty much have to be a racist to be a Trump-supporter at this point. There's no way you could support Trump and not-be a racist, and from the data the most at-risk of being a Trump-supporter is a white Evangelical male.  Super interesting.  Let's look at other stuff.

The question is:  Would you like to see the death penalty abolished nationwide, or not?  Nationwide, 38% say yes let's abolish this barbaric practice, while a large majority of 58% say no, let's keep this barbaric practice.  That gap narrows significantly with education, but at only 42% even education can't make the majority understand.

The death penalty is inherently unjust.  One would have to assume an infallible justice system administered by infallible humans with infallible knowledge of crimes being committed.  None of that is true.  We have a deeply flawed system with mere humans running the machine, with imperfect knowledge and insight of what's happening.  We already know the criminal justice system is racist, and that's played out in how the death sentence is administered.  It's much more likely for a minority person to be given the death penalty than it is a white person. The racism is encoded in the system.

What's interesting to see the largest factor is not education or sex, but race.  Black Americans were the only ones who have a majority that favored the abolition of the death penalty.  In Texas, Black Americans look like they're being targeted for execution. Almost 50% of the executions in Texas are for Black Americans, and I don't think Black Americans make up 50% of the population of Texas.  So it's interesting to see here that Black Americans are the only group who are majority in favor of abolishing the death penalty, and Republicans being most opposed.

Equally damning is breaking it down by religion.  White Evangelicals are most thirsty for blood, almost to the level of Republicans.  Of all the religions, the most merciful group was the group that had no religion at all. 

BUT THE BIGGEST REVELATION OF ALL lies between two different questions:

Here the question is:  Do you think it is ever acceptable for a presidential campaign to obtain information on a political opponent from a hostile foreign power, or do you think this is never acceptable?  There's a pretty solid majority across all the groups that it's never acceptable to accept information.  It's weakest in Republicans, but still a solid majority across the board.  Now combine that knowledge with this next question.

The question is, Do you think yes, the Mueller Report cleared Trump of any wrongdoing, or No, you don't think it cleared him? The strong majority of Republicans believe the Mueller Report cleared Trump of any wrongdoing.  I don't know if this poll was taken before or after Mueller's testimony, but Mueller himself affirmed the report did NOT exonerate Donald Trump of any wrongdoing.

These two facts:  a strong majority believe it it wrong to accept information from hostile foreign governments, and a strong majority of Republicans who believe (incorrectly) that the Mueller report exonerates Donald Trump, these two facts are going to collide.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Will Republicans abandon their principle to refuse information from a foreign hostile entity for the sake of power?  Most likely, yes!

Stay tuned, true believers!


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