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Pelosi's in on it

Remember when on my show I said "Pelosi is in on it.  I don't know how, but she's gotta be in on it."? 

My springboard is @Pamacious. This Sky Dweller has sussed out the part I couldn't be bothered to figure out myself.  This magnificent Sky Dweller brought my attention to a particular oligarch by the name of Leonard Blavatnik. This guy is a billionaire worth like $20 billion in 2015.  The wiki mentions how much money he donates to Donald Trump's campaign and to Mitch McConnell, but it doesn't say anything about his contributions to the Democrats. 

Sky Dweller has a theory with receipts that Pelosi is accepting large donations from this guy in exchange for...well I can't figure it out.  Maybe the oligarchs are capturing both major parties to best establish their global crime syndicate masquerading as a government. 

Check out Sky Dweller, she does good work :)


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