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FOX NEWS connected to Jan 6 Insurrection via Dominion Lies

It's easy to call people who support Donald Trump "stupid" or "gullible," when really they were victims of mass propaganda perpetrated by an Australian billionaire to help overthrow American democracy. 

On March 31st, 2023, a judge found that FOX NEWS had no basis to spread the lies of Donald Trump. During and after the 2022 USA presidential election, Donald Trump lied and said that DOMINION voting machines were changing votes from "Trump" to "Biden" without evidence. FOX NEWS did their own investigation and their own internal documents show they knew (all the way up to RUPERT MURDOCH) that Trump was lying and had no evidence. Nevertheless, FOX bosses and news anchors kept pushing the lies so they could keep their audience happy. What was important to the bosses of FOX was NOT the accuracy, but the power.

How many people were tricked by FOX NEWS into believing the election lies of Donald Trump? The violent January 6th coup attempt could not have happened if not for FOX NEWS spreading the big lie, confusing Americans, and giving cover to nazis and white supremacists.


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