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The difference between a demoralized person and a nazi

I think there is a difference between a demoralized American and an American nazi. They maybe on the same team, but the demoralized American is a victim of a campaign to attack democracy, and the American nazi is a white supremacist who is fully aware of their desire to overthrow democracy. 

I have a hard time distinguishing between the two, as they're both threats to democracy; however, the key difference is that the demoralized American is unable to think logically. You can present the demoralized American with evidence that Donald Trump is a traitor, but the demoralized American will be unable to process the information because they rely upon an emotional connection to the information. If the information doesn't give them emotional satisfaction, they will reject it. 

However, an American nazi is fully aware that Donald Trump is a criminal and a traitor, but they will obscure or hide that information because their true goal is to overthrow democracy. The American nazi is truly an enemy of the United States, whereas the demoralized American has the possibility of being cured of their delusions.

For example, you show a demoralized American all the information that the Americans, the Euros, the Aussies got. You can show them the emails and the meetings. You can show them all the US government officials who agree that Russia attacked the United States. The demoralized American will take Putin's position that Russia did not attack the United States. You can then explain that they've taken the same position as Putin, BUT THEY WILL BE UNABLE TO COMPREHEND IT. They can't understand that they're on the same side as Putin, because they believe Putin is a bad person, and they think they would never be on the same side as a bad person. Yet they will continuously assert that they agree with Putin's stance.

An American nazi, on the other hand, is aware that Donald Trump conspired to overthrow the election of 2016 with help from Vladimir Putin, because that's their goal. They want to overthrow democracy, and they recognize you as a "normie" who does not want to overthrow democracy. So they will PRETEND not to understand that Donald Trump is a traitor, and instead try to subtly undermine you, or try to demoralize you.

Essentially, a demoralized American is unaware they're demoralized, and an American nazi is aware they are a nazi but will try to hide that fact from you. 


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