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Red Stone Lapis Lazuli s07 e23 - Where They Cannot Look

Red Stone Lapis Lazuli s07 e23 - Where They Cannot Look

Proud Boy convictions, judicial corruption, mass shootings, the information war. Namedrop Hegel, Marx, Kant, Hume to talk about the material precondition necessary for consciousness. Or, why the Boomers aren't to blame for the rise of fascism. They didn't have the necessary material infrastructure (the internet) to manage the massive influx of information of a global society. 

No joke, watch ALL my videos at 2x speed. I can only talk and process so fast in real-time, but you can listen and process much faster. If you play it at 2x speed, I don't sound like a slow drugged-up space cadet and you get the info at a reasonable rate.

Encoding with OBS NVIDIA NHEV H.265 @ 9.5K bitrate 1080p 60 fps 2 B-frames
(I want my AV1!)






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