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Red Stone Lapis Lazuli season 7 episode 40 - Marathon

Red Stone Lapis Lazuli season 7 episode 40 - Marathon

One foot in front of the other.

Encoding with OBS AMD HW-AV1 @ 8.5k bitrate
1440p @ 60 FPS quality main RADEON 7900 XTX






Baldur's Gate III

Red Stone Lapis s01 e01


America's 'democratic experiment' is inextricably tied to the history of slavery

Peniel E Joseph Thu 5 Sep 2019 10.10 EDT

Why We Must Hear the Warning in Frederick Douglass' 'Sources of Danger to the Republic' Today


List of wars involving Korea

Massacres in U.S. History

Disfranchisement after the Reconstruction era

John F. Kennedy as president

Segregationist Dixiecrats Walk Out of Democratic Party Convention, Create States’ Rights Party 1948 July 14

Southern Democrats

Russia says genetic tests confirm Prigozhin died in plane crash

Reuters August 27, 20231:47 PM PDT

Musk Secretly Used Starlink to Foil Ukrainian Drone Attack on Russian Ships: Report

Dan Ladden-HallNews Correspondent Published Sep. 07, 2023 9:10AM EDT

Why is Elon Musk repeating a Putin talking point? The Russia expert who testified in Donald Trump’s impeachment says the world’s richest man is ‘transmitting’ Russian messages

BYTRISTAN BOVE October 17, 2022 at 10:35 AM PDT

Company scrip

History of union busting in the United States

Matewan (1987)

Battle of Matewan

The Cannibal South


Georgia bans giving water to voters in line under sweeping restrictions

By Rich McKay MARCH 25, 2021

Southern U.S. states have closed 1,200 polling places in recent years: rights group

By Andy Sullivan SEPTEMBER 9, 2019

"Hello from the Prettyman Courthouse"

Brandi Buchman@Brandi_Buchman Aug 29 2023

Now-released forms reveal more trips gifted to Justice Clarence Thomas by Harlan Crow

Nina Totenberg  September 1, 202310:33 AM ET

Saudi Arabia says it will extend its voluntary production cut of 1 million barrels of oil a day through end of year

ByThe Associated Press September 5, 2023, 6:43 AM

Everything You're Hearing About Gas Prices Is Wrong


A Welfare Analysis of Tax Audits Across the Income Distribution

Will Boning, Nathaniel Hendren, Ben Sprung-Keyser, and Ellen Stuart

JUNE 14, 2023

Biden cancels $72 million in student loan debt for borrowers who went to for-profit Ashford University

By Katie Lobosco, CNN Published 3:40 PM EDT, Wed August 30, 2023

Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

HHS Call To Reschedule Marijuana Is A Big Deal: Here’s Why

Kris Krane Aug 31, 2023,08:05am EDT


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