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Red Stone Lapis Lauzli s07 e17 - Second Verse Same

Red Stone Lapis Lauzli s07 e17 - Second Verse Same

Review the song to jump and take control. 

On our own, it's up to us to build the home. 

Warm to the touch, cool to the cradle,

He's called PoGokeRo, and he grips the ladle.

Streaming videos for a bunch of a children

While under floor, a pool of lava was building

So he snapped up a new batch of clips real quick

Packed the quantum jacks in the back and then split

to call out Evil, and allies of Evil.

Confused by ploys? Hire a paralegal.

Livestream Minecraft Let's Play!
encoding with OBS NVIDIA NHEV H.265 @ 9.5k bitrate
1080p 60 fps 4 B-frames.


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